lunedì 8 maggio 2017

The problem of not having real problems

If you ask someone, anyone random, what problems he or she has, what do you think will be the answer? It could be that they don't like their job, or some one in their job's place, maybe the boss; or they fought with their partner, maybe have some trouble to find the perfect clothes to go out next weekend. If you think about it, are these really problems? Ages ago the problems were more “real”. Just think about in the European Medieval time: no hygiene, the plague, a little sickness could have killed you. The same we can say about Africa, where they had to hunt their own food, or they risked to be hunted from the beasts. All the troubles the pioneers had in travelling in the winter time and the persecutions. The Great Wars of the last century.
Now, in our western society, we don't have these big problems any more. There are no big wars that touch us, the medicine is at the highest level and we can fight the majority of the known illness, and for the majority of the population there is no persecution. So this mean that we have too much free time, and we decide to fill it up with other problems, that usually are small and bearable, but when we focus on those they become so big.
Though it may sound strange, the problem is that we focus in any small things that we don't have, or we want to have, or that bothers us. It starts in young age now, with a bicycle maybe, they need one because all the other friends have one. Then becomes a motorcycle. And what about the cellphone? They must have the newest one, the most powerful, probably their friend have it, so they must have it too. And the same things we can say about the clothes. Another “big” problem is: what to do this weekend? They must have fun, they don't know how, but they must. Life is pointless if you don't have fun. Now you are thinking I'm exaggerating or I'm thinking only about some one. Let's see another common one: to be offended. Nowadays everyone get offended so easily: you can't eat meat or someone get offended, you can't show your religious beliefs or someone get offended, you can't express your opinion especially in the social media or someone get offended. People fight for a sport event, or for a movie, even for a different culture. Discrimination for everything.
Some may say that we do have life or death problems in the world today. This is true. The times change and so do the problems. Back in the day, people were crusading for religion or gold, now they have their crusades for various things in the internet. Less blood for sure. We have real big problems. Terrorism still exists, wars are around the world, and some people don't have food. People are also struggling in their own lives. Some families strive to live a respectful life, some have fights between parents and children of any age, murderers, married couples that divorces. Yes, we have big problems, but we can't solve them because we are distracted from those small ones.

If we look our real big problems, and we try to think about the true origin of them, we could find that most of them start with a small problem made big. Let us try to avoid creating our own problems. Don't focus on useless things, and we will see that many of the big ones will disappear. It is an Utopic idea, but if everyone will do this, we could stop also the global problems, because humanity has a great potential, that nothing is impossible when we focus on something, when we put our faith in something. And, at list, we end up to live a better life outside and inside.  

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