domenica 13 agosto 2017

Change behavior with hypnosis, is it possible?

Many of you probably have heard about hypnosis, probably in some tv show where the hypnotist made other people do wierd things, or people remember things in their life.
Even if most of thoese are just for show, hypnosis is a real thing.

I came a cross this program called "change yor relationship with food", by Hypnosis ninja. This program use the new-code NLP, the latest in hypnosis, wich is the most effective rightnow.
I have to say: the first time i fell a sleep. Even if the voice said that it was fine, i listened again... and again.
As i said, it was the first time for me experiencing something like this, so it was wierd when the voice told me to recal a moment in life that was happy and confortable, later I had to decide wich change i wanted to do, so i realized that it was connecting the decision with something good, so that the brain was more willing to allowd the change, because it usually refuse them.
I found that a very interesting strategy.
After few days i realize that the things started to work, the changing i decided during the session started to become. It was like this new behavior were always part of me.

I racomand this if you straggle with food or you want to start a more healty diet, go to and use the code ninja50 for a 50% discount.
You can start experience changes in your life in just little more then 15 minutes.